Steve Jobs: Thank You and Goodbye

A truly sad loss for the world and someone I have, like countless others, looked-up to and admired for a long time. Your legacy will live on as will your inspirational memories and products. Rest in peace.

It’s incredible, but not surprising, just how much respect and admiration people have for Steve Jobs. The fundamental reason I have always loved Apple is their relentless attention to detail and uncompromising ability to deliver truly magical products and incredible software – all, of course, stemming from the drive and passion of one incredible genius of a man, Steve Jobs.

His vision, along with his mind blowing product inventions, are the core reasons I am a fastidious designer who shares the same passion and love for aesthetics and beauty central to the heart of Apple’s ongoing cause. It goes without saying that the products and software I rely on the most, use daily, and have so much fun with, are built by Apple .

I’ve always said “If you’re a designer and don’t like and appreciate Apple products, you’re not a true designer – the two are simply synonymous”.

Long live the memories, Apple product launches will never be quite the same.

The recent iPhone 4S product launch I watched this Tuesday hammered home just how different, in a sad way, these presentations are now going to be without Steve.

Let’s remind ourselves again just why Steve Jobs was such an incredible front-man and underlying driving force for Apple. The following videos from 2007 show one of the most memorable game-changing moments in the companies history, when Steve announced the groundbreaking iPhone in his unique and enamoured way…

The iPhone Keynote (2007)

Here’s to the crazy ones

You don’t have to look far on this day for tributes to the legend that is Steve Jobs, the internet is positively filling-up with them in droves.

Steve spoke succinctly and memorably on more occasions than I can remember, but I will leave you with this, most poignant quote from which we should all take continued inspiration…

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.” ~ Steve Jobs


My passion for design is in debt to your genius.

You will be greatly missed.

Thank you.

Jamie Brightmore